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Here's our weekly update, delivering all the latest news straight to you. We've got some exciting insights from Mixpanel, Amplitude, as well as job openings, and freelance opportunities. We hope you're as eager as we are to delve into it!

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Highlights if you've only got 2 minutes

1/ New article from Richa Verma on Database schema changes.  Learn more >> 
Richa discusses the importance of schema migration for Data PMs, their impact on Product Requirements Documents (PRDs), and some of the best practices, such as minimising downtime and ensuring backward compatibility for feature rollbacks.

2/ Tim McDonough from Mixpanel questions what most teams get wrong when choosing an A/B testing solution Learn more >> 

In summary, Tim advocates for adopting purpose-built A/B testing tools as opposed to generalist all-in-one tools, regardless of how cost-effective the latter choice might be.

3/ Wil Pong from Amplitude, announces that Amplitude Experiment now offers multi-armed bandit experiments for optimising digital experiences. Learn more >> 

He describes the benefits of MABs for real-time optimisation, higher efficiency in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and the use of real-time behavioural data to automatically allocate traffic to winning variants during tests.

💼 Jobs

Current job opportunities available

  • Senior IP Product Analyst role required at Clarivate - London, UK Learn more >>     

  • Product Analyst role available at Seedify, UK. Learn more >>

  • Digital product analyst – needed at The Ardonagh Group, London, UK. Learn more >>

  • Product Analyst in London available at Stepstone UK. Learn more >>

  • Senior Product Analyst - available at Numan, London, UK. Learn more >> 

  • Sustainability Product Analyst, required at LilyLifestyle. Learn more >>

  • Product Analyst job available in London at Health-tech scale up. Learn more >>

  • Senior Product Analyst available at Fresha, in Lambeth UK. Learn more >>

  • Junior Product Analyst at Aj Bell Limited in Southwark, South East London, UK. Learn more >>

💼 Gigs

Freelancing opportunities

It's incredibly exciting to observe the increasing trend of companies showing strong enthusiasm for adopting Product Analytics. A significant number of these companies are actively searching for freelance support to integrate tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and PostHog into their operations.

For those interested in exploring this opportunity, below is a carefully curated list of open freelance positions for implementation. It's worth noting that these positions are temporary and are removed once they're successfully filled.

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