New Product Analytics Certification by Pendo x Mind the Product

Plus ++ gems on jobs, gigs and link to Lenny's interview with Laura (Amplitude VP of Growth)

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๐Ÿคณ Our Picks

Highlights if you've only got 2 minutes

1/ Loops announces $14 Million funding round! . Loops aims to transform the way companies approach product analytics by automating the detection of root causes of KPI changes and determining the impact each feature has on conversions, retention & monetisation outcomes with its causal inference models. (link)

2/ New Interview on Lennyโ€™s Podcast, with Laura Schaffer (VP of Growth at Amplitude), on Career frameworks, A/B testing mistakes, counterintuitive onboarding tips, selling to developers (link)

๐ŸŽ“ Learn

We identified two new trainings, worth exploring. The first is on Product Analytics and the second covers Data visualisation:

  • Introducing the Product Analytics Certification Course by Pendo x Mind the Product (link)

  • Observable launch a new training on Data Visualisation Fundamentals and Best Practices. (link)

๐Ÿ’ผ Jobs

  • Senior Data Analyst, Product Analytics - at ReCharge Payments in Santa Monica (California) : Learn more >>

  • Lead Product Analyst at Nike: Learn more >>

  • Product Analytics Manager at Geebo : Learn more >>ย 

  • Product Analyst at Upstart : Learn more >>

  • Checkout Product Bites job board for more jobs here. Post a job for free if you're looking to hire for Product & User Analytics related roles.

๐Ÿ’ผ Gigs

Product Analytics implementation getting more and more interest. Companies are submitting their gigs for freelancers around integrating tools such as Mixpanel, Amplitude and PostHog to their stacks. Here is a collection of gigs currently open as we speak ( donโ€™t be surprised if the links stop working after a while , once the gigs fulfilled or withrawn)