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Highlights if you've only got 2 minutes

1/ New article from Timo Dechau on How to measure a data platform?  Learn more >> 

The article discusses how to measure a data platform from a product perspective.💡It introduces the concept of a metric tree for analysing data platform metrics.

It starts with a Primary output metric suggested : Total Revenue / Month, with then a breakdown into compute and subscription revenue.

2/ How Netflix builds a culture of excellence | Elizabeth Stone (CTO). Learn more >> 

The podcast covered Elizabeth's career advice, Netflix's high-performance culture, maintaining excellence, intentional leadership, fostering open communication, the Keeper Test, and transparent communication's importance for trust and accountability.

3/ PostHog Autocapture now supports cut and copy events Learn more >> 

 Autocapture feature implemented support for cut and copy events, fulfilling user requests while addressing concerns about the noise generated during testing when capturing text selection events. The approach taken aims to resolve this issue without significantly increasing the volume of events captured. 

4/ Product Analytics for Platform Products - by Richa Verma. Learn more >> 

This article explains how platform products require different tools of product analytics than those used for direct user interaction. It then describes the layers of a platform product and the metrics needed to capture performance, scalability, and reliability.

💼 Jobs

Current job opportunities available

  • Benefix is hiring a Product Analytics Lead, in Southampton, with a competitive salary - Learn more >>   

  • Indotronix Avani UK is recruiting a Data Product owner. Learn more >>       

  • Product Data Analyst role is available at Aurora Energy Research. Learn more >>

  • Meta seeks to employ a Data Scientist, Product Analytics in UK - Meta Learn more >> 

  • There is an open position for a Senior Product Manager - Data at The People Network in Fleet. Learn more >>  

  • Head of Product Analytics & Data Science role is available at Numan London Learn more >> 

  • Product Manager role is available at dunnhumby, London - Learn more >>  

  • Product Analyst role is available at Cleo. Learn more >>  

  • Kindred Group is hiring a Data Analyst in London - Learn more >>  

  • Product Analyst vacancy is available at Just Group plc - Learn more >>  

  • Product Analytics Lead is required at Benefex, Southampton - Learn more >>  

  • Product Analyst role available at Just Group plc. Learn more >>  

  • Senior Product Manager required at The People Network - Learn more >>  

  • Senior Product Analyst is required by Harnham, in Manchester Learn more >>  

  • Product Analyst role available at Reed in London. Learn more >>  

  • Lead Product Analyst job with Harnham - Data & Analytics Recruitment, in Manchester  Learn more >>   

  • Master Data Management requires a Product Analyst in London. Learn more >>  

  • Product Analytics Engineer role is available at CrowdStrike (Remote). Learn more >>  

  • Product Manager is required at Sainsburys . Learn more >>     

  • Product Analyst needed by Sphere Digital Recruitment, in London - Learn more >>  

  • Product Data Analyst role available at Beamery, in London, UK Learn more >>  

  • Senior Product Analyst role available at Harnham, in  London -  Learn more >> 

💼 Gigs

Freelancing opportunities

It's incredibly exciting to observe the increasing trend of companies showing strong enthusiasm for adopting Product Analytics. A significant number of these companies are actively searching for freelance support to integrate tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and PostHog into their operations.

For those interested in exploring this opportunity, below is a carefully curated list of open freelance positions for implementation. It's worth noting that these positions are temporary and are removed once they're successfully filled.